Couples Portrait Photographer Edinburgh with Bonus Horse!

Callum and Rose’s outdoor engagement photos with an equestrian photography twist! By me, Rachel, a couples portrait photographer Edinburgh.

What is a wedding warm up and why would you have one? You may have heard them called engagement sessions or pre-wedding sessions but I genuinely use them to warm you up to how it’s gonna be on your wedding day, get to know me and listen to all my bad banter! On the morning of your wedding you want to be comfortable, stress free as possible and happy that i’m a magical fairy dust spreading photo magician, this is how we do that plus its loads of fun!

Apart from her husband to be Rose has a best friend who she sees everyday come rain or shine, he has four legs and is pretty huge! Yep he’s a beautiful white horse called Blinky and when she first met Callum it was clear he would have to love horses as well, luckily for Rose he’s as besotted with Blinky as she is. I was excited to head up to the stables in Dunfermline to meet the three of them and get started.

After meeting Blinky, I can now tell you that horse tongues are rough (yep he kissed me lol). A walk out to the fields was suggested and it was great just to chat away and ease into the session before the camera came out, it can be a bit daunting if you’re not used to having your photos taken and lets face it who is? That’s part of the fun of these sessions, meeting up with couples who are not too sure about what to do in front of the lens (“Where do I put my hands?!” I got you!) and always by the end of the session they loved it and want to do it all over again! 

Blinky was the perfect model and not even caring as he strolled by the mad woman lying in the long grass at his feet! As a reward for being such a good model he got some Stud Muffin treats (yep i sniggered as well).

Trust me you will look at me like i might be a little unhinged and crazy but thinking outside the box and using whatever is around to create something amazing is what i do, wooden pallets are a fav lol. So when I spotted one I knew it would come in handy to take some interesting photos with the beautiful cherry blossom tree in the yard.

I’m so excited for Callum & Rose’s castle wedding, it’s going to be epic and yes Blinky is coming! Adorned with a flower wreath and saddle for Rose to ride him up and down the gardens wedding dress and all… I cannot wait!

Venue – Blinky’s Stables Dunfermline

Horse Treats – Stud Muffins

Second Photographer – Helen Elder from Black Squid Photography

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